Licensing agreement for natural gas-to-gasoline plant in Louisiana

G2X Energy took a major step forward in its plans to convert natural gas to gasoline by signing a licensing agreement in January with ExxonMobil Research and Engineering (EMRE). Click here to read more about this significant development.

The natural gas-to-gasoline pathway that G2X Energy is now proceeding along is one of the options that Blue Fuel Energy is considering. BFE thus sees G2X’s success in securing this agreement with EMRE in a very positive light as it reinforces the viability of this option. As stated on the BFE website homepage, however, BFE’s decision on whether to extend production from methanol to gasoline will depend on how quickly North American markets for methanol as a transportation fuel emerge.

Israel plans using methanol as transportation fuel

As a January 13 article in the Jerusalem Post notes, the Israeli cabinet has approved a plan to include M15 as one of the alternative fuels to be introduced into the country’s fuels marketplace. The goal of the plan is to reduce Israel’s dependency on petroleum by 30% by 2020, and by 60% by 2025 — a mere 12 years from now.

The cabinet’s decision is based on the positive results of a pilot test conducted last year by Dor Chemicals and Ten Petroleum using ordinary cars to prove that no changes are required to such cars or to gas stations in order to provide motorists with the M15 option. Dor Chemicals is planning to build a million ton/year methanol plant (US$700) in Israel to take advantage of the country’s large reserves of natural gas just off the coast.

The use of methanol as a transportation fuel in Israel will undoubtedly buoy efforts by advocates of methanol as a transportation fuel in the US and Canada, who see this application as one of the best ways of using the extensive shale gas resources of both countries.